1.  Breathe Deep - Eucalyptus/Peppermint/Rosemary/lemon/Orange/Menthol Crystals
    *This blend encourages deep breathing, relaxation and helps to open airways

2.  Anti-Anxiety - Bergamot/Lavender/Orange

    *This blend helps to reduce anxious and stressful feelings while creating a sense of calm

3.  Focus - Peppermint/Rosemary/Frankincense
    *This blend helps with those sluggish, stressed, unfocused, and mentally  exhausted feelings - to promote 

      energy levels and concentration

4. Relaxation - lavender/Chamomile/Coconut   

   *This blend creates a calming atmosphere to help you tune into you and inspire mindfulness


5. Meditate - lemongrass/Sage/Sandalwood/Texas Cedar Wood

   *This blend creates a peaceful space to practice presence and mindful habits


6. Gratitude - Patchouli/Orange/Neroli

   *This blend cultivates a feeling of appreciation and will keep you grounded as it lifts your spirits

7.  Summer Citrus - Tangerine/Orange/Pineapple       

    *This blend is an uplifting, citrusy, mood-boosting blast of summer fun

8.  Island Energy - Orange/Coconut/Peppermint       

   *This blend gives you a burst of energy while feeling like you are on an island oasis


9.  Lake Days - Juniper Berry/Fir Needles/Texas Cedar Wood

   *This blend promotes meditating by the lake, summer days by the water, meditating in nature

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