Island Sanitizer

In this time of uncertainty, the scents of island coconut & Maul Pineapple added to our hand sanitizer brings with it the peaceful vision of the islands. Our sanitizer comes in a beautiful amber glass bottle. Available in two sizes. 2 ounce, and 4 ounce.


Mist spray bottle,

Pour bottle

Sanitizing foam

Also, why not add a travel size: 

  • Material: Glass Inner container with metal shell
  • Funnel size: 3*3.8cm/1.18*1.5"
  • Perfect for travel storing your favorite perfume, helper funnels to fill small samples of perfume liquid emulsion


Ingredients: Denatured alcohol-75% , Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E Oil, Coconut Oil (Oil changes depending on scent choice).


Island Sanitizer